Digital Test Meters

The Alco-Sensor FST

alco_sensor_fstThe Alco-Sensor FST is our newest Fuel Cell Alcohol Digital Breathalyser that takes a breath test, including an unconscious person and drinks for the presence of alcohol. The Alco-Sensor FST has Home Office approval and is NHTSA (US DOT) approved. It provides fast, reliable, accurate results and comes in a hard wearing weather resistant case and designed to give the operator maximum control over the subject during sample collection.

Alco-Sensor FST Digital Breathalyser Price: £396.00

Alco-Sensor AS-FST + Printer

alco_sensor_fst_printerThe Alco-Sensor AS-FST-P is the same specification as the FST above but with printer capabilities. This advanced breathalyser comes complete with operators manual, 2 passive cups, 10 mouthpieces, 1 drink sniffer, wriststrap, Martel 7880 thermal printer, printer cable, 2 printer rolls, AC power supply and watertight carry case.

Alco-Sensor AS-FST with Printer Price: £650.00

AL6000 (Pro) Professional Breathalyser

al_6000_redThe latest version of the AL-6000 (Pro) portable breathalyser offers cutting-edge breath alcohol sensing technology as well as powerful features to ensure the highest accuracy. The AL6000 utilises user changeable sensor modules – no sending for calibration services – and indicates when a replacement should be fitted. The improved AL6000 (Pro) has a one-year warranty with NF/CE and DOT/NTHSA approval. It comes in a choice of Silver or Red, with user manual, hand strap and carry pouch, 2 x AA batteries and 5 mouthpieces.

AL6000 Pro Breathalyser in SILVER Price: £75.00

AL6000 Pro Breathalyser in RED Price: £75.00